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Algojob combines supply and demand between the selected candidates and the demand for workers.

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The company Think-Up has created the software called Algojob that allows the complete digitization of all processes related to research, personnel selection and management of the personnel administered. The primary objective of the Algojob ecosystem is to automate the process of hiring new staff through the creation of an algorithm capable of performing an automatic matching between labor requests from companies and job seekers. The algorithm based on machine learning technology will allow the platform to improve, over time, the execution accuracy of such matching. Once the candidate has been selected, within the Algojob platform it will be possible to manage all administrative documentation and worker management in an entirely digital way.

The Algojob platform consists of three main components: IOS and Android mobile app (for workers), Web portal (for businesses and all back-office work) and a Machine learning algorithm for automatic matching between supply and demand.


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